Soviet Union (1979)

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Visa type: Exit Visa

Visa provided by: S. M. (Russia)

Visa issued for: Kassel Elena (Soviet Union)

Date of issue: 24 January 1979

Location issued: Leningrand, Soviet Union

Fee: unknown

Others: This Visa was issued to Kassel Elena at 24 Jan 1979. The Visa allows her to leave the USSR between 24 Jan 1979 and 15 Feb 1979 through Leningrad airport (all this is written on the Visa in Russian). Also what is NOT written is interesting. There are five “–” at the Visa. Have a look at the fourth “–“. In this field usually it was written when the person can arrive back in the USSR. “–” in this field means that this person will never be able to come back. It was issued by OVIR GUVD Lengorispolkom (the appropriate organization in Leningrad). 

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