New Zealand

New Zealand (2014)

Visa type: Tourist (Visa waiver)

Visa provided by: G. M. (Switzerland)

Visa issued for: G. M. (Switzerland)

Date of issue: 23 May 2014

Location issued: Auckland International Airport, New Zealand

Fee: free

New Zealand (2007)

Visa type: Multiple

Visa provided by: Aslam W (Australia)

Visa issued for: Aslam W (Australia)

Date of issue: 22 October 2007

Location issued: Canberra, Australia

Fee: unknown

New Zealand (2003)

Visa type: Business

Visa provided by: Sean Mendis (India)

Visa issued for: Sean Mendis (India)

Date of issue: 2003

Location issued: New Delhi, India

Fee: 2600 INR