Indonesia (2014)

Visa type: Tourist (on arrival)

Visa provided by: G. M. (Switzerland)

Visa issued for: G. M. (Switzerland)

Date of issue: 21 April 2014

Location issued: Border at Jakarta CGK, Indonesia

Fee: 30 USD

Indonesia (2003)

Visa type: Business

Visa provided by: Sean Mendis (India)

Visa issued for: Sean Mendis (India)

Date of issue: 2003

Location issued: Mumbai, India

Fee: 1500 INR

Indonesia (2004)

Visa type: Tourism (on Arrival)

Visa provided by: Sebastian Strobel (Germany)

Visa issued for: Sebastian Strobel (Germany)

Date of issue: 2 October 2004

Location issued: Denpasar Airport, Indonesia

Fee: 25 USD