Cambodia (2000)

Visa type: Tourist (on arrival)

Visa provided by: C. M. (Switzerland)

Visa issued for: C. M. (Switzerland)

Date of issue: 6 August 2000

Location issued: Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia

Fee: unknown

Cambodia (2001)

Visa type: Tourist

Visa provided by: Oliver Zwahlen (Switzerland)

Visa issued for: Oliver Zwahlen (Switzerland)

Date of issue: 25 September 2001

Location issued: unknown

Fee: unknown

Cambodia (2006)

Visa type: Tourist (single entry)

Visa provided by: Daniel Clayton (USA)

Visa issued for: Daniel Clayton (USA)

Date of issue: 23 May 2006

Location issued: Royal Cambodia Embassy in Washington DC, USA

Fee: 20 USD

Cambodia (2002)

Visa type: Tourist (on arrival)

Visa provided by: G. Mueller (Switzerland)

Visa issued for: G. Mueller (Switzerland)

Date of issue: 5 October 2002

Location issued: Phnom Penh International Airport, Cambodia

Fee: 20 USD

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